Saurian Scion


“My people are dying. With each passing year, fewer eggs hatch, and our numbers dwindle. As Sur-Anak’Kesh, we devised our plan: the greatest ritual in our history, ten years in the making. For ten years we invoked the spirits. However, it did not achieve what we had hoped. The Saurian people were not cured of this blight. Instead, at the culmination, I touched the mind of another, and I knew he was the Key. The winds of fate flow strangely indeed. An otherworldly traveller was sent to me from across the endless waters, and she carried me to him. This oracle, he sees how the winds flow and knows many things, but he does not KNOW the answer I seek. He does not KNOW where our path leads. He does know as surely as I do, however, that this is where we must be, and I shall follow him to the Answer wherever it lies.”


+4: Fists Power: Domination
+3: Endurance Resolve Power: Life
+2: Athletics Might Power: Creatures Power: Nature
+1: Alertness Survival Investigation Pilot Empathy Power: Divination*

[Fists] Claws/Jaws: Add Fists skill level as bonus stress to successful Fists attacks.
[Power: Creatures] Multiple Creatures: Skill applies to all creatures of the land
[Leadership] Minions: 6 Fair Warriors (+2 Fists, +1 Pilot; Claws stunt) per scene
[Power: Domination] Command: +1 bonus to induce a state of mind

-Inheritor of Sur’Kesh, Who Holds Dominion Over The Land And All Of Its Denizens
-Natural Born Predator
-Feral Might
-Duty Above All
-Deception is a Coward’s Recourse
-The Spirits of the People Guide Me
-Elijah Wisdomsmith is the Key
-Cure-Seeker [FUTURE: 1 Milestone reached]
-Minor Weakness: Cold [Hidden Aspect: Good Academics, Science, or Survival check]

Skill Advancements: 11 spent out of 11
Adventure Advancements: 0 spent out of 1



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