A swordman from the ancient past



The Blademaster of Arcadia

+I know how to have a presence when needed, I know Arcadian military history, i have a certain martial pride,i was supposed to be some sort of hero after all, i can talk to authority with confidence.

-looking down on arcadia in my presence when can be a very poor idea specially when wrong

Rasak and Fajara, Dusk and Dawn, the twin blades of Keriolan.

+Specially build for me , I am extremely familiar with their use. I invented my own style Hakir and they are complementing it

-They are very important to me a gift from my wife, I DO NOT WANT TO LOOSE THEM AGAIN. Hakir is a very tiring style to use (extended fight= stamina check?)

Protect the Swordless,my life before theirs.

+when protecting people who cannot are ’’swordless’’-who are not martially trained or who’s primary occupation is not to fight and perfect there martial aptitude-. I fight regardless of my own life people when it is required,this is THE core tenant of why I still have some martial pride.

-I abhor violence against those who cannot defend themselves, and unless against a worthy opponent I do not use Violence unless forced to .

Vagrant from ages past
+I might know of rumours or heard of stories for where is went.
-There is a cultural gap, i am not form these parts

A life Debt to the young ones ,Elijah and Celeste.
+I will side with Elijah or Celeste
-I WILL side with Elijah or Celeste

Slow Learner
+not very many…if i can think of one I’ll let you know
-everything that isn’t related to his strength ,Keris is clearly below average

The Curse of Goliath, the magic of Moira corrupted.

A Master’s Duelist’s pride

+a strong opponent makes me stronger, i will step up to challenges, whatever the size

-a strong warrior can taunt me (if i consider him worthy) for martial curiosity or Arcadian pride

Cloudy Memory, Clues from the past

+i forgot what happened, maybe for a good reason, and things can come back to me

-i forgot what happened FOR A GOOD REASON.
(not perfect that one sorry )

Melee Weapon


Weapon Specialist( +2 Damage with Long Swords)(p97)

Weapon in Both Hands( If I cause one stress at least I cause an extra stress,+1 against disarming manoeuvres aimed at any weapons)(p97)*

Close at Hand ( Draw Weapon for free,-2 to any blocking actions aimed at preventing the drawing of the weapons)(p97)

Weapon of Destiny (Named weapon always at my side, I can spend a fate point to have it if it is improbable,+1 weapon skill rolls, one other improvement (mysterious innit))(p98)



The Adventures of the Vivacia Artamis