Elijah Wisdomsmith

A young seer of noble birth who has run away to see the world and find the source of his visions


Elijah Wisdomsmith

“Five will stand at the opalescent gate. Counting myself amongst them, I left my home to make it so. I would never be what I see by staying cooped up inside, studying the journeys and thoughts of those who lived lives worth living. I left. By Fortune’s favour I found the Wanderer. Through him I found the others. We are now together, and I will not allow our association to be broken. Our journey will be long. It will be circuitous. It will be arcane. It will end at the opalescent gate. This much I know. It is how things must be.

+4: Power: Divination
+3: Resolve, Power: Warding
+2: Power: Dimensions, Resources, Academics, Investigation
+1: Survival, Deceit, Rapport, Gambling, Alertness

[Survival] Animal Companion: Nim Breezerider
[Divination] Second Sight: Divination can be used to perceive magic
[Resolve] Inner Strength: +2 Resolve defence vs someone trying to get inside your head. +3 on full defence
[Divination] See into Person’s Heart: Use Divination instead of Empathy. This takes [A Few Minutes], can be resisted. Can be sped up with shifts (3 shifts to take [A Few Moments])

Childhood lost in study
Adopted brother of Nim the breezerider
Abdicant Lord of Solitude
Prized possession for any occasion
Driven by visions of how things must be
Obsession with obscure magics
No good things come to those who wait
We must stand united at the opalescent gate (Future Aspect)

  • Understand the meaning of the foreign stars
  • Divine the location of the gate
  • Bring the Five to the gate

Skill points: 0
Session advancement: Yes


Elijah Wisdomsmith

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