Andrew Freedman

Executive officer aboard the Vivacia, and Celeste's personal assistant


+4: deceit
+3: rapport, sleight of hand, intimidate
+2: stealth, contacting, investigation, melee weapons,
+1: resolve, endurance, athletics, empathy, alertness, intimidation

Mysterious past
Friends in low places
Fall in, Hobbes
One with the crowd
Silver tongue
Bean counter
“I will make the vivacia’s voyages profitable!”
Nothing up my sleeve…

Contact (Ensign Hobbes)
Clever Disguise


Andrew Freedman has been in the service of the Azimuths for many years, and has become a trusted agent of the family during that time. He assists in the day-to-day administrative running of the business, and is also trusted to take care of the more… Delicate matters that it is better for the family itself not to be involved with directly. Andrew has a reputation as an effete bean-counter, which he finds ideal for accomplishing his less well-documented tasks.

Andrew Freedman

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